One of the most important safety devices on your car, truck, or SUV is the brake system. Brakes must be maintained appropriately to facilitate the safe stopping capabilities of the automobile. If you acknowledge any of the symptoms mentioned below you should schedule a brake inspection at Tires Too.

  • Brake noise
  • Weak brake pedal
  • Insufficient braking



Complete Brake Inspection Prior to Recommending Repairs

Our ASE Certified Technician will begin the process by taking the automobile for a short test drive. After verifying that brake issues exist the technician will remove the tires and conduct a thorough visual and physical inspection. The technician will check the condition of the brake pads or shoes to determine if they require replacement. He will also inspect all of the lines and hoses to determine their integrity. The brake fluid condition, brake booster operation, and the master cylinder function is also inspected. All of the brake system components such as the rotors will be measured to ensure that they are within the manufactures required specifications. All required and recommended repairs will be identified.

No-Pressure Repair Recommendations

One of our friendly and professional staff members will explain all of the recommended repair requirements in detail and answer any questions you may have.Once you completely understand the recommendations you determine the repairs you would like to have accomplished. Only repairs that are approved by you will be completed.

Brake Repairs Performed by Experienced Technicians

All brake system repairs at Tires Too are conducted by an ASE Certified Technician. Our technicians are experts on all brake systems from drum brakes to four-wheel disc anti-lock braking systems.

Quality Parts Result in a Quality Repair

All brake repairs are accomplished with quality original equipment and aftermarket brakes and brake components that are vehicle specific.

Fairly priced quality brake repairs in Londonderry, NH are a quick phone call or online appointment!

Brake Repair in Londonderry NH
Brake Repair
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