Properly maintaining the suspension on your car or truck is essential to eliminate the need for other repairs that can develop from worn suspension components such as the axle. Suspension defects will cause premature or uneven tire wear in most situations. They can also hinder the ability to properly control or navigate an automobile which becomes a safety issue.

Experienced and Friendly Suspension Experts

Our experienced certified technicians at Tires Too are capable of performing repairs on domestic and foreign automobiles with different types of suspensions. From trucks such as the Ford F-150 with heavy duty axles to economy cars such as the Toyota Prius, our suspension experts are ready no matter what suspension repair is needed.

Thorough Suspension System inspections for accurate diagnosis

The best suspension repair starts with a thorough inspection. Our technicians will start the process by taking the vehicle for a short test drive. After that they will conduct a thorough inspection of all of the suspension components from the tires to the axles. The inspection process may also include evaluating the tires and possibly checking the alignment to pinpoint specific suspension issues. After a complete analysis, the technician will identify the specific repairs that are required.

Comprehensive and Overviews

The service advisor will go over all of the repair requirements and recommendations in detail. Explanations of other suspension-related repairs that may require attention are brought to your attention. After you clearly understand all of the repair requirements and all of your questions have been answered you decide the repairs that you would like to proceed with and only those repairs will be accomplished.

Suspension Repairs Performed with Quality Parts

At Tires Too, we understand that quality repairs require quality parts. Suspension components are available in different standard levels such as shocks and struts. We only incorporate high grade name brand suspension parts from bushings and struts to axles and springs in our repair processes.

Choose Tires Too for the most fairly-priced quality suspension repairs in Londonderry.

Suspension Repair in Londonderry NH
Suspension Repair
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